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Bookmark or Bracelet loom?

One of our most popular looms is the bookmark weaving loom. The reuseable bookmark weaving looms measure 6.8cm x 20.8cm and are made from FSC and PEFC birch plywood being approximately 1cm in width all round. We sell them with a variety of different kits with British wools in different yarn colours. Each kit has sufficient yarn to make two or even three bookmarks. It has been great to see the photographs that some of our customers have shown us.

Whilst the kits are designed to weave a bookmark they can also be used to make a gorgeous bracelet. So, the answer to the question, booklet or bracelet loom is we think 'both'!

Do have a look at our shop page if you are interested in looking at our full range of weaving kits. If you want to be updated with details of our work, events we are attending and new products then you might also like to sign up to receive our occasional emails by signing up here.

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