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How do you weave in a new thread on a little frame loom?

Recently we had the joy of delivering a bookmark weaving workshop. It was terrific to see a group of new weavers learn the skills to create a piece of weaving using a TabbyandTweed bookmark weaving loom kit.

Four frame looms with different weaving patterns in pink, blue and grey yarn

Chatting to the new weavers was informative as they asked questions which has helped us to inform our teaching but also the instructions that we include in our weaving kits. This blog will show how to weave in a second coloured yarn or indeed a new piece of yarn when the original length has run out.

A needle and pink wool weaving the thread through a frame loom

Step 1 - When you are nearing the end of your yarn, weave a few warp threads on the next row and come up in the middle of a thread on the row below. By bringing the thread through the middle of the thread it helps to prevent it from moving later.

Pair of scissors cutting off the pink weaving yarn on a small frame loom.

Step 2 - Cut the thread close to the weave so that there is no tail. If there is movement of this thread later you can easily trim it again. If you choose to wash your fabric later then further trimming may be needed.

needle and blue yarn weaving on a small frame loom

Step 3 - Take you new thread and start to weave. You will notice that at the start you will be weaving with tail end of the last row of thread.

weaving a blue yarn on a pink, blue and grey weave on a frame loom.

Step 4 - Pull the new thread until the end of the thread aligns with the warp thead on the edge.

weaving in pink, blue and grey on a small frame loom

Step 5 - Carry on weaving. This is the view from the front of the loom. You should not be able to see the end of either the pink or the blue thread because the ends have been neatly woven in.

back shot of a loom with a blue, pink and grey weave on a small frame loom.

Step 6 - If you turn the loom over you can see that the back of the weave is just as neat - there are no loose warp threads visible here either.

You can buy these frame looms in kits with different coloured yarns in our shop - Shop | TabbyandTweed

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