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Weaving a Log cabin sample weave using a square loom kit

Pink and white log cabin design on a tabbyandtweed square frame weaving loom

Weaving a log cabin pattern on a small frame loom is a rewarding and creative activity which is a great way of sampling before embarking on a larger project. Using a small frame loom allows you to trial different colours and yarns in a quick and easy way allowing you also to understand the weave structure. This blog outlines the log cabin design and guides you through the process of weaving it on a small frame loom.

Log cabin weaving

The interplay of the colours and the geometric pattern of a log cabin design adds visual interest to a woven piece. The name 'log cabin' comes from the resemblance of the pattern to the logs used in the construction of log cabins. In the log cabin weave, two contrasting colours of yarn are used to create the pattern. One colour represents the 'light logs' and the other colour represents the 'dark logs'. The pattern can be adapted to different sizes and proportions, making it a versatile design for various projects. To create the design the weaver alternates between the two colours of yarn, weaving a set number of rows for each colour to achieve the desired log height. As the piece is woven it creates the illusion of logs stacked on top of each other.

blue and turquoise square frame weaving loom from tabbyandtweed

Materials needed

A kit with all that you need can be purchased here: log cabin square loom weaving kit

A small frame loom

two colours of yarn of the same thickness


two tapestry needles

Warping the loom

Log cabin weave is a relatively simple yet effective weaving pattern which is achieved simply by the colours of the warp and weft threads.It is a tabby weave structure. It is woven with the use of two yarn colours. The pattern below shows how the weave shown here can be woven on a small TabbyandTweed frame loom.

Warping Plan

This is the warping design which is a repeat of a 16 warp thread pattern. T = turquoise and B = blue. The first warp thread is a turquoise yarn and the second warp thread is a blue yarn. Note that warp threads 8 and 9 are both blue and when the 16 pattern repeat starts again there will be two turquoise warp threads next to each other from warp thread 16 and then warp thread 1.

warping pattern for a log cabin weave showing the number of warp threads in each colour

The warped loom
The image below shows the warped loom which has been warped up using the warping design above. You will notice that the design has been repeated from the left twice.
tabbyandtweed square frame loom warped with blue and turquoise yarn before weaving

Weaving the design

The design is a tabby weave so the first weft row goes under every other warp and then over the alternative warp threads with this being offset for the following row. The weaving with the weft is exactly the same as the warping pattern. The first weft row will be turquoise, then blue, then turquoise, then blue then turquoise, then blue then turquoise then two rows of blue etc.

A close up of the weave structure

Here you can see the woven structure. You should be able to notice the repeating double rows in each colour.

log cabin weave on a tabbyandtweed square frame loom using blue and turquoise yarn colours
Can I get a weaving kit with instructions to do a log cabin weave?

Yes, you can purchase a log cabin kit in our website and Etsy shop but equally a square frame weaving loom kit with the instructions in this blog will enable you to do just the same.

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