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About TabbyandTweed

Designing and creating small weaving loom craft kits to learn to weave on.

Gillian Siggers and Emma Baker are the weavers behind TabbyandTweed and together they design, develop and make weaving kits from entry level bookmark and square loom weaving kits to more advanced rigid heddle weaving loom kits.  The weaving kits include a wooden loom, beautiful yarns and full instructions to enthuse, encourage and support the weaver on their exciting creative journey of producing beautiful unique textiles.  Gillian and Emma do weaving workshops supporting others to weave using their weaving kits as detailed on the weaving workshop page.  Emma also blogs on a range of weaving topics including her use of square  TabbyandTweed looms for sampling on her own website.

The website shop has a range of kits including a compact rigid heddle loom scarf weaving kit as well as smaller more portable bookmark weaving kits, square frame looms, pin looms, flower weaving looms and circle loom kits.  Local resources are used where possible and most kits use British wool from British sheep with the kits made totally in the UK. 

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