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Weave some Christmas magic with a festive weaving kit

Updated: Jun 24

Introduction - Bringing some Christmas creativity to the festive season with a festive weaving kit.

christmas bookmark weaving loom kit with spool of festive yarn and woven example bookmark

As Christmas draws near, there is a magical appeal to transforming our spaces into merry wonderlands adorned with festive cheer. With a focus on sustainability our weaving kits are designed to make lasting decorations and gifts, made in the UK using British wool. Christmas weaving kits offer a delightful avenue for crafting handmade ornaments and gifts to add a personal touch. Beyond the traditional baubles and tinsel, these kits unlock a realm of creativity. In this blog we outline our range of christmas decoration kits which allow people to learn to weave whilst adding a sprinkle of personal magic to their Christmas.

Christmas weaving decoration kits

Christmas Bauble Kits

Christmas bauble kits are a great starter project for a new weaver. Each kit comes with a circular frame loom and some gorgeous British wool and festive ribbon. The instructions include details on how to weave tabby, twill and the houndstooth pattern. When finished they can be used to decorate a tree or simply become a stunning wall decoration.

Christmas Yarn Flower Wreath

Whether you are a seasoned crafter or a beginner looking for a fun festive project our Christmas Yarn flower wreath kit is the perfect choice. Enjoy the satisfaction of creating your own beautiful wreath using gorgeous vibrant British Appleton Tapestry wools, ribbon, decorative braid and baubles. The kit includes step by step easy to follow instructions and includes all the yarn, embellishments, ribbon, flower looms and baubles to create your own decorative Christmas door wreath or wall hanging wreath which can be used year after year during the festive season.

Wall Decoration Kits

Weave a beautiful christmas wall hanging decoration with this festive weaving loom kit. This kit has three circular loom frames along with a needle and British tapestry yarn, ribbon and instructions. Use the kit to weave the three looms which can be hung individually on a wall or christmas tree or can be attached together as a pendant decoration.

Christmas Bookmark

four images of a festive bookmark weaving gift

Our best selling weaving kit is the bookmark weaving loom kit. This special edition Christmas bookmark loom kit allows for the creation of a festive Christmas bookmark. Whist the kit contains everything you need to weave the gorgoues bookmark the rectangular frame loom, comb and needle included can be used beyond the festive season to weave many more bookmarks with the addition of your own yarn.

Choosing the right kit

There are a number of things to consider when choosing a weaving kit. Things include the skill level required, the time you wish to invest in creating and whether you wish to use your own creativity or create the exact finished item as detailed in the kit. All of the Christmas TabbyandTweed kits are designed for new weavers and include detailed instructions. A single christmas bauble would take a new weaver around 2 hours to create whereas the wall decoration kit and wreath are likely to take a 3 to 4 hours. The christmas weaving wreath allows for more individual creative imput but all of examples shown can be recreated using the detailed instructions included.

The perfect gift - sharing the joy of Christmas weaving kits

Many people like to use our kits to weave in preparation for Christmas. However because the kits create sustainable decorations which are reusable year after year they also make perfect gifts for festive giving.

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