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Weaving with Textures on a Loom: Endless Possibilities

Introduction to weaving textures on a loom

There are so many ways to be creative when weaving and this blog outlines different techniques to create texture when weaving with a TabbyandTweed square frame loom.

One of the most interesting techniques when weaving is where different fibres, ribbons, merino fibres and beads are incorporated into the woven textile. Combining different techniques and materials such as yarns of different lustre and thickness, coloured ribbons, fluffy merino rovings and shimmering beads allows the weaver the opportunity to create a multidimensional textured effect. Each of these techniques is detailed below in this blog.

Using different yarns and fibre

The choice of fibre impacts on the texture and appearance of the woven fabric. It is fun to experiment with different fibres as each fibre brings its own characteristics from 2ply, 4ply, double knit or something thicker. The appearance of the yarn itself will also impact on the weave, silky yarns will give the weaving a lustre whereas wool alone a more matt look.

The first image below shows the same yarn used both single and doubled up - this is an easy way to add a really subtle degree of interest to a weave. The second image shows the use of a thicker handspun yarn which is a two ply yarn. The final image shows the use of strands of merino roving, its soft and luxurious texture can be woven directly into the fabric in between the regular weft threads creating a plush and tactile surface. Thicker roving strands result in greater dominance of the warp fibres in the weave which adds an additional interesting dimension.

Embellishing with beads

Beads provide the opportunity to infuse a woven fabric with sparkle and colour. The beads can be threaded onto a fine yarn or cotton which is then woven as a weft to secure the beads within the weave. Alternatively the beads can also be sewn onto the woven fabric.

Adding Ribbon Accents

Ribbons are a fantastic addition to a weaving project providing a vibrant and dimensional touch. You can incorporate ribbons of various widths, colours and textures into your designs. The ribbons can be woven flat as shown in the first two images or they can be knotted to create a more impactful 3D effect.

Fancy stitches and knots

The first image below shows orange knots within the weaving. These can create a vibrant pop of colour at any point within the weave. These should be knotted on above the previous weft row with the weaving then continuing to help cement the knots within the weave. The second image shows the orange merino roving being wrapped around every three warp threads and the final image shows a double thread loop technique being used to create what ultimately looks like a knitted stitch.


There are many ways of incorporating texture into a woven textile. What has been shown above are just a few examples of techniques that can be used. One of the great things about weaving is that it provides the opportunity to experiment and be creative, trailing different ways of producing interesting fabrics and textiles with what seems like endless possibilities.

If you would like to have a go at weaving with a little loom weaving kit then these can be purchased in our TabbyandTweed website shop for UK customers: Shop weaving kits and for customers elsewhere via our Tabby and Tweed Etsy Shop

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