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Learning to weave on a rigid heddle weaving loom - unlock your creativity

Updated: May 29, 2023

An introduction to rigid heddle weaving

Having run a variety of rigid heddle loom weaving workshops in the UK teaching people to learn to weave we have often been asked if we sell rigid heddle looms. Whilst we made 16 rigid heddle looms for use in our own workshops it was not until recently that we decided that we would redesign and sell them as a compact, lightweight and portable rigid heddle loom scarf weaving kit. They are now for sale in our website shop for UK customers or in our TabbyandTweed Etsy shop for a number of worldwide destinations.

Rigid heddle loom scarf weaving kit

Having chatted to new weavers and those wanting to start weaving we recognised that many beginner weavers would value having a project to get them started. We therefore decided that we would sell our looms with the yarn, pattern and instructions to weave a scarf. The idea here was that a beginning weaver could learn to weave without the additional worry of choosing a pattern and yarn themselves. This would also ensure that their very first delve into weaving would allow them to be successful in creating something functional and beautiful. The hope is that the new weaver will in the process of undertaking the project learn about the weaving of simple patterns and yarn choice giving them the confidence to then weave independently.

The rigid heddle loom kit

The image here shows the kit. The rigid heddle looms are designed and made completely using beautifully finished Beech plywood. They are designed, cut (using solar generated energy when sunny) and sanded by us before we then fully construct them. The heddle which comes with the kit is an 8dpi reed which is perfect for the weaving of double knit yarn. The looms have an up and down position for normal tabby weaving but also a neutral position allowing for more advanced pick up stick weaving so that a weaver can then progress onto the design of more complex woven patterns and textures.

Rigid heddle loom, yarn and accessories for weaving
Rigid Heddle Loom Scarf weaving kit

The Kit

The kits come with the fully constructed loom, two clamps, a 3d printed threading hook, a warping peg, three shuttles, written instructions on how to warp and weave on the loom, a scarf weaving pattern and three skeins of the yarn to weave the scarf. Yarns are 100% British double knit wool a choice we have made to ensure that where possible we source things within the UK. Upon receipt of your loom you can be ready to start using it immediately.

The Scarf Design

We have plans for further scarf designs and colourways but we have launched our weaving looms kits initially with a choice of two patterns and a choice of two yarn colourways. One pattern, shown here woven with navy, grey and white yarn has a central houndstooth block - a simple and classy design. The other pattern woven with pink, dark and light grey yarns is a stunning colour block design. Of course, each pattern could be woven with either colourway.

Can you only weave a scarf on these looms?

No, these looms allow you to weave fabric which can be used for all sorts of things, a wall hanging, a frame picture or a wall decoration - the possibilities are endless.

Looking forward

One of the nicest things about teaching others to weave is seeing not just the excitement when the first woven piece is removed from the loom but also the way that others approach the use of colour and texture when weaving. It is not uncommon for workshop participants to make interesting colour choices in their weaving which in every case results in a novel and unique fabric which we love to see. Going forwards, we are really excited to see the way that other weavers use our new looms, learning to weave and unlocking their creativity.

They rigid heddle scarf weaving kits are now for sale in our website shop (for UK customers) or in our TabbyandTweed Etsy shop for a number of worldwide destinations.


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