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How to create a stylish checkerboard scarf using a rigid heddle loom weaving kit

Updated: Jun 24

Introduction to weaving a checkerboard scarf using a rigid heddle weaving loom kit.

The checkerboard design is versatile, timeless and stylish and is expected to be on trend in 2024. The checked geometric design offers a bold structure which blends the traditional with the modern. We have developed two rigid heddle loom scarf weaving kits which tap into this trend. Each kit contains the preassembled loom, accessories, instructions and yarn for the new or experienced weaver to create something quite stunning.

Getting started with a TabbyandTweed rigid heddle loom kit.

We make and sell a variety of different rigid heddle weaving loom kits. Each kit has a fully assembled loom with either an 8epi heddle (for weaving double knit yarn) or a 10epi heddle (for weaving 4 ply yarn). Included with the loom are three shuttles, two clamps, a threading hook, warping peg, instruction booklet and scarf weaving yarn and pattern. After taking the loom out of the box it is ready to warp immediately with weaving then to follow.

tabbyandtweend rigid heddle loom with scarf weaving kit in blue shades

Why do we sell our rigid heddle weaving loom kits including the scarf weaving yarn and pattern?

This is a question we are often asked and our choice to include the yarn and pattern for a particular scarf has been a considered decision. On numerous occasions we have been visited at yarn shows by people who have told us that they have either purchased or been given a loom which is still boxed or unused. Some people seem a little daunted at the need to construct the loom themselves with an additional concern also focussed on how easy weaving would be. To address this concern we sell rigid heddle looms preassembled and ready to get straight on with warping the first project with instructions and yarn to weave a scarf. Our aim here is to ensure that the hurdles to weaving for a new weaver are minimised with the necessary support provided for a first weaving project. Yarn choice, weaving sett and pattern are all detailed with no decisions needed.

Choices of kit

Currently we sell two chequered scarf weaving kits. Both kits weave a scarf with 4 ply yarn creating a beautiful lightweight scarf with a flowing drape. The options include an electric blue scarf kit and a red grey scarf kit as shown above. The pattern is straightforward creating a stunning warm and stylish scarf.

The importance of a balanced weave

In order to achieve the square geometrical design it is important that the weaver achieves a balanced weave. A balanced weave is one where in any particular square shaped area there are the same number of warp and weft threads. If the heddle is pushed (beaten) too aggressively into the weave then there will be more weft threads than warp and more gentle beating leads to more warp than weft threads. Both of these scenarios lead to a rectangular pattern rather than square shape. Having a pattern which necessitates a balanced weave is in our view good for a beginning weaver. Where a pattern requires a balanced weave a new weaver is more quickly able to visualise the impact of the beating action with the heddle helping them to more quickly develop their weaving skills.

blue and light blue handwoven fabric showing a balanced weave

Can the scarf kits be purchased alone because I have a loom already?

Yes they can. Our website and Etsy shop have a variety of scarf kits which include the pattern and yarn for both 8epi and 10epi reeds. If you have a 12.5epi reed (rather than an 10epi reed for your loom) then you can purchase a 10epi pattern and create a slightly narrower scarf. If you have a 7.5epi reed then the 8epi scarf patterns will be the kits to use.

In the fast paced world we now live it it is our opinion that it is something quite special to take time out of life to be creative. Weaving fabric and scarves as unique items of clothing for yourself or gifts is hugely rewarding and helpful when trying to both unwind or keep warm!

Interested in learning to weave? Then our workshop page has all the details found by clicking the link here.

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