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This kit is a perfect project for someone who has a rigid heddle loom and who has woven a few projects on it.  This intermediate kit has a little more complexity than the starter kits with full instructions included.  The complexity comes from the way the loom is warped with details also given on managing the selvedge edges, creating a balanced weave and also managing the changing of weft yarns. 


The kit includes skeins of British wool along with instuctions to weave the scarf.  The loom and scarf are not included in the kit but the scarf images are included to show you what will be woven with this kit. This kit would be a perfect project for someone who is looking to further build up their weaving skills and confidence having already grasped the basics.


The kit creates a scarf which is approximately 22cm wide, 146cm long with an additional 12cm fringe at each end. 

The kit includes:
- skeins of yarn  sufficient to weave the scarf.
- a weaving instruction booklet

To use this kit you will need to have a rigid heddle loom with either a 7.5 or 8 ends per inch heddle with a total of 82 (holes/slots) and 3 shuttles.  This loom is not included in this kit.



Scarf weaving loom - intermediate kit for a rigid heddle loom weaver

SKU: Blue green teal scarf weaving kit
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