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Weave in circles using a circular weaving loom kit

Updated: Jun 24

Introduction to weaving with a circular loom kit

Square Loom, Bookmark looms and Flower looms have been part of our range of weaving loom kits for a while be we have now added Circle looms. A circular loom allows a range of different techniques to be used but we have been experimenting using mixed fibres including British wool, handspun yarn and carded fleece and merino tops.

Our first attempt at a circular weave is shown above. Woven with woollen loom waste along with merino handdyed wool tops and some brown yarn. This version has now been made into a kit which is available in our Etsy shop.

Other circular weaves have been undertaken, the weave below was woven on a 40cm diameter circular loom using predominantly natural and local fibres include hand spun yarn from local sheep and alpacas. Adding in sections of carded and combed fleece gives the weave a beautiful textured appearance with the darker alpaca fibres providing a lovely contrast to the white fleece and wool.

We will be taking these looms with us to Unravel, a big yarn event in Farnham in February with the plan of having circular looms from a diameter of 40cm downwards. The larger ones (one of which is shown below) make a really striking wall decoration.


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