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Would you like to create your own woven madala with a range of gorgeous bright yarns and fibres.  Create a beautiful woven piece of freestyle wall art using bright teal, turquoise and orange shade of yarn and fibres.   The kit comes with instructions on how to warp the loom with the the intention that the user then allows their creativity to flow so that they produce their own individual wall hanging.  A mindful and relaxing craft to create something unique.  A perfect gift for someone who wants to have a go at weaving and would like to produce a gorgeous woven wall hanging or mandala.


There are images of completed circular weavings which is not included but gives you an idea about what you can weave with the kit.

The kit has instructions on how to warp the loom and get started with the weaving. The instructions do not have exact instructions on how to replicate the example shown so this kit would suit someone who is happy to create freely.

Each kit includes:
- circular weaving loom (options give a size which is the diameter of the circular loom)
- yarns and fibres in a beautiful range of teal, turquoise and orange shades
- Tapestry needle
- Instruction booklet detailing how to warp the frame and get going with the weaving

Looms are made from FSC and PEFC birch plywood and are cut by us in the UK.

Turquoise and orange circular weaving loom kits

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