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If you are a weaver looking to sample yarn on different setts for larger projects then this sett sampling loom is ideal.   The loom in the photo has got a weave at 12 and 14 ends per inch and once woven it is possible for this sample swatch to be removed from the loom and washed enabling you to then decide which sett you would wish to use for a larger project.  The sampling process also enables the weaver to sample and test different colours.


It is a reusable sampling loom with holes to allow testing two different setts at a time. 8 (VII) and 10 (X), or 12 (XII) and14 (XIV) ends per inch. It is also possible to test 4 and 5 or 6 and 7 ends per inch if every other threading hole is used. Also possible to test 16 and 20 or 24 and 28 ends per inch if a double thread is used through each hole with each thread then woven independently. Perfect to sample on a small scale before committing to weaving a bigger project.

Looms are made from FSC and PEFC birch plywood which is 6mm deep.

Size is 18.5 cm square on the outside with an inner dimension of 14cm square which means that each sett can be woven with a 6.5 cm width and 13cm height which is sufficient to experiment. A small comb and tapestry needle is provided.

Sett sampling loom

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