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Use this kit to learn to weave a bright wool and hand dyed doubleknit wool scarf.  This rigid heddle weaving loom kit includes a fully assembled loom with all the accessories, instructions and scarf kit to allow you to start your journey into weaving.  Made in the UK this loom is a compact loom which is lightweight and perfect for a beginning weaver being delivered fully assembled and ready for immediate weaving.  The loom comes as a kit with instructions on warping and all the accessories for weaving including the pattern and bright skeins of yarn.  You can choose to have blue, white or grey yarn to compliment the rainbow yarn. The scarf is not included as you will be using the kit to weave your own scarf.

This loom has been designed and made totally by us in our workshop in the UK.

Dimensions of the loom are 34cm x 39cm x 11cm(with the heddle in the up position) or 9cm(with the heddle in the down position).  The loom also has a neutral position allowing the weaver to progress onto more complex pick up stick weaving techniques.

Kit comes with:
- A rigid heddle loom with a weaving width of 26cm
- a reed with a sett of 8epi - perfect for weaving double knit DK yarn
- a booklet of instructions with images and a step by step guide enabling you to set the loom up and weave on it.
- instructions to weave the scarf
- two clamps
- three shuttles
- warping peg
- plastic threading hook,
- doubleknit yarn sufficient to weave the scarf - two skeins of bright british wool (choose from either blue, grey or white) and one skein of hand dyed rainbow yarn (75% merino and 25% nylon)

Rigid Heddle Loom Rainbow Wool Scarf Weaving Kit

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