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A square frame weaving kit with instructions included which allow you to weave various designs including tabby weave, twill, houndstooth and the special point twill design as shown in the images.  This kit allows you to create beautiful square weavings which can be used to make coasters, mending patches and more and to learn to weave a variety of different textile designs.


The kit includes the square frame weaving frame, tapestry needle, british wool yarn for two weaves and instructions.    The loom is reusable so you can continue to weave using your own yarn once the yarn in the kit is used up. 


Each kit includes:

  • one reusable loom with a sett of 9epi (ends per inch) (either 15cm or 18cm square)
  • British yarn from British sheep -  enough to make 2  weaves comfortably.
  • Tapestry needle  
  • Instruction booklet 

Woven squares are examples only and are not included in the kit.

Looms are made from FSC and PEFC birch plywood.  Loom is 15cm or 18cm  square with an approximately 1cm width frame all round. There are also different kits with different yarn colours either (red grey white) or (blue green, turquoise) or (lime blue grey).



Point Twill design square loom weaving kit

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