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The push to sustainable packaging

Updated: Jun 24

Introduction - so how easy is it to switch over to sustainable packaging?

We are attending a variety of different yarn and stitching events this Autumn and we are hoping that our Christmas weaving loom kit range is going to be popular. Our Christmas yarn wreath kit is selling well and we hope this will continue. An organiser of one of the events we are attending requested that we have fully sustainable packaging. We are really proud of the fact that our weaving loom kits use British wool from British sheep, our needles are British and whilst the wood is imported from Europe it is FSC certified. The looms aren't imported, we design, cut and sand them ourselves and the cnc cutter even uses our own solar generated energy (on a sunny day that is!).

In the main our kits are sustainable. However, there was one issue - we had chosen to display our weaving loom kits in cellophane packets. We started selling them at events in both cellophane packets and boxes and found that customers liked to see all the contents of the kits hence the reason for the cellophane packets. There are biodegradable cellophane packets so going forward this is certainly an option. However, the request for sustainable packaging has given us the nudge we needed to stand back and look carefully at how we best display and package our weaving loom kits. We have chosen to use cardboard boxes with string or wool and a label which clearly shows what the weaving loom kit contents are. We think they now look fabulous, and we hope that with good displays at events people will be happy with our new packaging.

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