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Christmas Weaving Loom Wreath and Kits

Want to decorate your home for the Christmas festive season with a stylish woven bauble, wreath or wall hanging?

Back in April we said yes to this question so set about designing, prototyping and making a range of Christmas weaving loom kits. We are delighted that these kits are proving to be popular and that people will this year will be weaving and gifting our festive kits to create woven baubles, decorations and wreaths.

Kit design

The weaving looms were designed on the computer before being cut on a cnc router and then sanded before weaving could commence. Of course, this process is not straightforward with several prototyping steps required. The weaving looms need to be perfect for the particular yarn. Getting the sett of the weave correct is dependent on both the loom and yarn and we wanted to create kits which would weave a balanced weave. The wool we use for our kits is Appleton British 4 ply tapestry wool which comes in the most amazing range of wonderful colours and we are delighted with the colours that we have chosen for our kits.


Sustainability has also been in our thoughts, creating a christmas reusable wreath which can be used year after year was a target for us, whilst the baubles and buttons are plastic the rest of the wreath is sustainable with all the other kits being fully sustainable with the wood being FSC certified birch plywood. We have even been using the cnc cutter on a sunny day so that the wood is cut using our own solar generated energy.


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